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MODE-1736: Add JCA adaptor directly to binary distribution assembly

MODE-1736: Remove already declared dependencies

MODE-1735 - Added a "removeProjection" method on FederationManager, which basically removes a federated segment from a federated node, leaving everything else unchanged.

MODE-1736: Readme, copyright

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MODE-1736: Add jca module assembly descriptor

MODE-1736: Remove explicit version reference

MODE-1736: Add IronJacamar dependencies into dependency management section

MODE-1735 - Changed the cleanup of federated segments to be done via the parent node.

MODE-1735 - Updated remove mechanism, so that when deleting federated nodes or above, external nodes aren't deleted; and when deleting projections the segments are cleared on the parent node.

MODE-1734 Added unit test to replicate concurrency problem

MODE-1711 Removed unused imports

MODE-1701 - Updated repository JGroups configuration, so that a classpath located XML file can also be specified.

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Modify repository URL

Added module JCA

MODE-1711 - Removed block of code used for testing purposes only

MODE-1499: Fixes

MODE-1711 - Implemented the ability to specify projections via the repository configuration file

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MODE-1499: Fixes related to comments

MODE-1499: Implementation with unit tests

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MODE-1711 - Updated schema validation mechanism so that items from the "additionalProperties" section are validated if they have a schema defined.

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MODE-1711 - Updated projection storage so that aliases are stored as well.

MODE-1728 - Added the transaction manager as a member on the Connector

MODE-1513 Merge branch 'federation' into 'master'





MODE-1286 Added more tests for the Git connector

Added several more tests for the Git connector, and changed how the

"git:history" and "git:tree" references are being created so that they

now use the commit ID rather than the tag/branch name.

MODE-1731 Corrected how single- and multi-valued properties are created

The AbstractJcrNode.createJcrProperty(...) method should use the

property definition's knowledge (rather than the number of values

in a particular internal Property representation) to determine

whether to create a JcrSingleValuedProperty object or

JcrMultiValuedProperty object.

All tests passed with this minor change.

MODE-1286 Minor improvements to handling of lots of child references

Based upon feedback from prior commit, this makes a few improvements

in how large numbers of child references are handled. The connector

SPI now has a new constant and better documentation around this


MODE-1286 Added more tests for the Git connector

The Git connector is running much better now after the new tests

helped check the functionality.

This includes a change to the Connector SPI that allows the connector

to offer a direct way to find a parent's ChildReference to a particular

child node. When some connectors have *lots* of children under a single

parent, getting the path to that child can be expensive because the

repository (or session) has to find the ChildReference in the parent's

(potentially-segmented) list of ChildReferences. With lots of children,

this becomes very expensive.

Now, a new method on ChildReferences allows the LazyCachedNode to

directly ask the DocumentStore (and thus the Connector) for the child

reference. Some connectors (like the Git connector) can do this


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MODE-1474 - Fixed AS7 subsystem support for passing down to the repository custom <indexing/> attributes. Also, validated that with the current version of Hibernate Search it's possible to use a custom configured analyzer.

MODE-1474 - Changed schema validation so that "enum" validation is case insensitive

MODE-1720 Corrected how REFERENCE properties are set

When REFERENCE properties are set with Value objects created from

node identifier strings, the values were not correctly being

converted (internally) to NodeKey representations. The result was

that the REFERENCE values were not usable. A new test case verifies

this behavior.

The challenge was that the logic was using the ReferenceFactory (in

the ValueFactories inside the Session's ExecutionContext) to

perform the conversion. However, the conversion requires knowledge

of the root NodeKey, of which the ReferenceFactory was not aware.

The fix was to give each Session a new ExecutionContext with a

custom ReferenceFactory implementation that knows about the

workspace's root node key, allowing the factory to create REFERENCE

(and WEAKREFERENCE) values from string Node identifiers.

Note that this resulted in a failure of a TCK test, whereby a node

of type "nt:unstructured" had an existing REFERENCE property that

was set to a STRING value (e.g., "Hello World") that was not

convertable to a reference. This failure actually highlighted an

existing bug: the internal AbstractJcrNode.setProperty(...) method

did not check whether the new value had the same node type as the

required type on the existing property's property definition.

Because the types differed in this case, a new property definition

needed to be found given the value.