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Updated release notes for 3.4.0.Final

MODE-2012: Supply user name instead of path

MODE-2012 Fixed the cloning of reference properties across workspaces

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MODE-2015 Deprecated the "removeDerivedContentWithOriginal" configuration attribute

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MODE-2012 Added test cases

The two test methods do not replicate the reported problem, but they still are useful since they test functionality not previously tested.

MODE-2013 Added the simpler API logger to Connector

The Connector base class now has a 'log()' method that returns the

simpler API Logger class with methods that take only String parameters

(rather than I18n messages used in the internal logger). The internal

logger is still available via the existing and unchanged 'getLogger()'

method. JavaDoc explains the differences between the two.

Also includes a separate commit that corrects quite a few compiler warnings.

Corrected compiler warnings

MODE-2011 Fixed XmlSequencer's handling of default namespaces

MODE-2010 Fixed handling of multi-valued properties in WebDAV: since there doesn't seem to be a standard on how they should be returned to the client, they are ignored and a warning is logged.

MODE-2009 Fixed the workspace.delete() operation so that a) permissions are being checked and b) the workspace is actually cleared and all nodes removed. This also exposed an additional problem regarding the retrieval of all the additional parents of a node.

MODE-1969 Updated querying to support simple references. Also added unit tests for the JCR-SQL2 REFERENCE() operand. This exposed a bug in that previously strong references were no stored in the ALL_REFERENCES Lucene field and therefore never retrieved in queries.

MODE-1969 Extended the standard JCR types with a new type: SIMPLEREFERENCE which acts as a weak reference, but doesn't cause any back-pointers to be stored. Also, properties of this type are not returned by the JCR specific methods handling normal references (strong & weak).

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MODE-1788 - Implemented JMX support for exposing repository statistics information

MODE-2007 fixed

Corrected the check to verify that destination path is actually the root instead of parentNode.

Added a testcase

Changed version to 3.5-SNAPSHOT after 3.4.0.Final release

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MODE-2006 reworked "doUpdate" part of Merge operation

- doUpdate now finds correcsponding nodes by correspondingNodeForPath() which

is based on UUIDs, instead of by name

- nodes to be removed are now removed by a new package-private internalRemove()

that skips versioning check

- nodes to be added are now cloned instead of copied; cloning is done by a new

package-private internalClone() that skips versioning check

Also, added a corresponding test case.

'Release: update versions for modeshape-3.4.0.Final'

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Updated release notes

MODE-2005 Additional fixes for merging.

MODE-2005 Additional tests and fixes for the versioning behavior

MODE-2005 Fixed the setting of the jcr:mergeFailed property.

MODE-2004 Update the logic that reads/writes the repository metadata document

Per code review, the method that does this work needed some improvements

to make it work correctly in a highly-concurrent scenario.

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MODE-2004 Access control checks only occur in repositories that have ACLs

Implemented this by adding an "accessControl" boolean field in the

repository's metadata document. The field is "false" by default, but

is changed to "true" as soon as the first ACL is created and added to

a node in the repository (any workspace). This means that for any

repository that does not use ACLs, there is almost no overhead to the

ACL checks. However, as soon as the first ACL is created, then from

that point forward all permission checks look for ACLs on the

specified node or any of its ancestors.

RepositoryCache was also changed to efficiently expose this setting

to other components: the JcrSession class was changed to use it to

determine if the ACLs should even be checked, while

AccessControlManagerImpl was changed to set this value to true when

ACLs are created. (RepositoryCache only updates the metadata document

if the value is different from its existing value, and notification

of the changes is propagated to other nodes in the cluster.)

MODE-2001 Added explicit url encoding in the REST service, whenever item paths are being used to generate links.

MODE-1920 Corrected compiler warnings and JavaDoc errors

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MODE-2003 Added no-arg constructor back to JcrDriver

MODE-2002 Replaced "linear successor" check with "eventual successor" check

The new check is recursive. Added a test case for the issue.

MODE-2001 Added explicit url encoding in the REST service, whenever item paths are being used to generate links.

MODE-1920: Clean up code and java-doc

Schematic improvement to add ability to merge documents

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