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MODE-1944 Migrated ModeShape EAP kit to EAP 6.1.0.GA. This presented a number of challenges: - RestEASY 2.3.6 excludes explicity a dependency required by resteasy-multipart-provider/apache.james. For this to work, it had to be re-added with the scope "runtime" - Deploying exploded webapps does not work anymore (for whatever reason...). This means that our EAP kit had to be changed to provide packaged .war files for the web application. This brought forth several issues around the subsystem and the content of the wars which was fixed.

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MODE-1943 Implemented peer-to-peer indexing, based on processing of remote internal events. This mechanism will be triggered whenever a repository is clustered and indexing is not configured in clustered mode.

MODE-1908 Added 'store name' as a property of all binary stores. Also, added a CompositeBinaryStore that: - initializes any number of named BinaryStore instances - appears as a vanilla BinaryStore to existing code - allows consumers to offer a "StrategyHint" that may be used to determine what named BinaryStore to persist content to - on retrieval, looks for the BinaryKey in all named BinaryStores

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MODE-1940 - Fixed indexing when a rename operation occurs.

MODE-1941 - Added an integration test which verifies authentication & authorization via the default EAP security configuration.

MODE-1921 Updated JcrPropertyEvent, as per review

MODE-1921 Extended the ModeShape Event API, with a PropertyEvent interface which allows additional information to be retrieved from property events. To get this information however, clients will need to cast the events to the new interface.

MODE-1939 Oracle DDL Parser Errors When It Parses Database Objects With A Name Containing An Allowed Symbol Changed Oracle DDL parsing of names to allow the valid Oracle name character symbols.

MODE-1934 - Removed additional POI dependencies.

MODE-1925 - Fixed the packaging and dependency versions of the demos which are part of the main ModeShape distribution.

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MODE-1908 Add composite binary store support to EAP

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MODE-1938 - Fixed potential leak of un-initialized workspace caches.

MODE-1926 Oracle DDL Parsing Of Create Index Statement Is Incomplete Corrected OracleDdlParser.areNextTokensCreateTableOptions(DdlTokenStrem) method to also look ahead and *not* process the tokens if they match a DDL statement start keywords. Added the one test I commented out in last commit back in. Also added a test to make sure the Oracle parser is handling the unterminated statements correctly. So the DDL parser framework still allows DDL files having statements that are not terminated.

MODE-1934 - Replaced TODOs with "See MODE-1934".

MODE-1924 Renamed parameter to make it clear we pass the absolute path.

MODE-1934 - "De-activated" all Apache POI dependencies. No code was removed, so that if the underlying issue is fixed in a future version of POI, we should be able to easily bring it back.

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MODE-1924 Added AdvancedAuthorizationProvider

A new AdvancedAuthorizationProvider interface was added, where this new interface now provides access to the Session through a new context mechanism (which can be used in the future to add more parameters without breaking API compatibility).

The Session now simply does one extra instanceof check when attempting to determine the permissions.

MODE-1924 Changed AuthorizationProvider framework to always use absolute paths

Most of the time ModeShape was passing absolute paths to the AuthorizationProvider. However, in some places ModeShape passed relative paths, and this makes it very difficult for implementations to properly check permissions.

This behavior was changed so that ModeShape always passes absolute paths.

MODE-1926 Oracle DDL Parsing Of Create Index Statement Is Incomplete Implemented parsing of oracle create index statements. Also statement options are now being saved as statement options instead of unknown statements. I had to comment out the DdlParsersTest.shouldParseUnterminatedOracleFile test that uses the GFM_Physical.ddl file. This file does not have statement terminators and the parser now doesn't know when one statement stops and another begins.

MODE-1937 Expanded method parameter information

Expanded the parameter information that is generated by the Java sequencer. The source file sequencer actually extracts a bit more information for each parameter, but at least the class file sequencer gets the parameters' types (just not the name or whether 'final'); the class file sequencer just generates parameter names dynamically.

MODE-1937 Corrected the Java sequencer's generated method nodes

Nodes representing methods were named with the method name and parameter

names, but this was changed to be closer to the standard Java signature

of method name and parameter types. This makes it possible to properly

support overloaded methods and constructors.

Several of the existing tests were modified to use overloaded

constructors and methods, and all pass with these changes. Note that

no changes in the node types were required, though the sequencer's

generated content is now slightly different (only in terms of the method

and constructor node names).

MODE-1935 - Updated logging as per review

MODE-1935 - EAP kit: fixed the marshalling of "retry-marker-lookup" and "retry-initialize-period" attributes used by jms-slaves.

MODE-1935 - Implement a JMS listener which is started & run when a jms-master node (from an indexing perspective) is started up. The job of the listener is to process all incoming indexing messages (from the slave nodes) and send those messages to the local index manager.

Merge branch 'fix-jca' of git:// into albertdev-fix-jca

MODE-1932 - Fixed and refactored the path/source-path/relative-to/source-relative-to attributes from the EAP kit file-based index storage elements.

Fix JCA validation errors, fix test configuration.

MODE-1931 DdlParsers Parse Improvements Added method to allow parsing DDL using a specific parser. Rewrote parse method to be more efficient. Also removed the caching of the token stream produced from scoring. This caching could cause memory issues for large DDL.

MODE-1933 - Added JMS dependency to hibernate-search, together with an updated test configuration which contains a HornetQ setup.

MODE-1930 DDL Parser Should Use JCR Substitution Characters When Creating A Node With A Name Containing Illegal JCR Characters Change AstNode so that it knows how to convert name to valid JCR name. Changed DdlSequencer to use the JCR name of the AstNode when creating JCR nodes.