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Released ModeShape 3.0.0.Alpha3

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MODE-1389 - Updated directory for client jar

MODE-1389 - Updated assemblies and descriptors

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MODE-1435 Refactored ModeShape subsystem for AS7

Redesigned the XML schema for the ModeShape subsystem, incorporating all of the features

that we'll want to have included in the configuration. Also changed significantly how

the XML elements and attributes are processed and written, and separated them from the

AttibuteDefinitions used in the model (which are now used to parse the XML literals into

the model values and marshal the model values into XML). This new design was patterned

after Infinispan's subsystem and relies more upon code provided by DMR and AS7.

There are operations for adding and removing sequencers, index stores and binary stores;

other operations will be added in later commits.

Finally, a number of additional tests were added to more thoroughly test the subsystem

and various configurations, including reading and writing the XML configurations

and comparing to expected JSON configurations.

Much of this change was patterned after the Infinispan subsystem.

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MODE-1442 Added the admin role by default, to the admin user, as part of the AS kit

MODE-1442 Added the admin role by default, to the admin user, as part of the AS kit

MODE-1442 Added the admin role by default, to the admin user, as part of the AS kit

MODE-1441: Added ModeShape schema to docs/schema folder of AS 7 kit. Renamed the file to modeshape_3_0.xsd to conform with the other schema names in that folder.

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Changed OSGI version to fix MEAD build.

MODE-1346 Cleaned up the jta object store locations

MODE-1346 Updated clustered test and made sure JGroups binds to the loopback interface

MODE-1439 More changes to get AS 7 kit working

Additional changes to support running the ModeShape subsystem within AS 7. There still are

some issues, but they will be addressed with MODE-1435 and MODE-1437.

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MODE-1439 Added new JndiRepositoryFactory implementation in ModeShape's API

Added a new JNDI-based RepositoryFactory that looks for only "jndi:"-type URLs, and is

aware of both Repository instances and (ModeShape-specific) Repositories instances.

This allowed simplification of the web library used in the RESTful and WebDAV services,

since they only need to specify the normal RepositoryFactory parameters in the


All unit and integration tests pass.

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Merge branch 'MODE-1392' of into hchiorean-MODE-1392

MODE-1430: Changes to allow the REST war to deploy to AS 7. Updated the security name and added module dependencies to the manifest.

MODE-1392 Updated namings and cleaned up the test code

MODE-1392 Extended the JCR event model with an additional sequencing event. Updated sequencing unit tests to make use of this event.

MODE-1412: Corrected dependency name in modeshape main module.

MODE-1412: Added security domain for modeshape

MODE-1412: Updated standalone-modeshape.xml got 7.1.1.Final

MODE-1405 Corrected how JCR import handles protected content

Corrected the behavior of the JCR import logic to always import protected content.

The whole point of importing a previously-exported file is to recover all of the

content the way it was, including the 'jcr:created', 'jcr:createdBy' and other

protected properties. (Although note that the 'jcr:lastModified' and 'jcr:lastModifiedBy'

properties will still be updated during the import.)

Added a new unit test to verify that the import now works correctly with protected content.

MODE-1434 Added support for discovering JDBC drivers with Java service provider mechanism

A 'META-INF/services/java.sql.Driver' file was added to each of our JDBC driver implementations, and the JAR files

were verified to contain these new files.

MODE-1430 Additions/corrections to the JBoss AS7 kit

The sequencer module names were changed to start with 'org.modeshape' rather than just 'modeshape'.

Also added a module for the local JDBC driver.

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MODE-1430 Changes to the AS7 kit to automatically deploy the RESTful WAR

A few changes were made to include a 'modeshape-rest.war.dodeploy' marker file

in the 'standalone/deployments' directory. This file is not needed when

automatic detection is enabled (which is the default), but it is needed when

automatic detection has been disabled prior to installing the ModeShape kit.

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MODE-1430 Enabled the RESTful services within the build

The Maven modules that make up the RESTful service and it's dependencies (e.g., the

local JDBC driver) have been added back into the build. Several changes were required

to correct the test cases' expected results, and to change the test repository

configurations. The JBoss AS 7 kit also is now including the customized RESTful

WAR file.

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MODE-1383: Bound the ModeShape engine to JNDI using jcr/local

MODE-1429: Updated AS 7 kit build to include sequencer jars

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Fixed Oracle 11g machine url (from QE lab)

Fixed Oracle 11g machine url (from QE lab)

MODE-1424 Fixed indexing deadlocking

There are two important changes involved: the locking around Lucene's IndexWriter has been made reentrant while the composite requests created by the indexer have been made read-only