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[JBTM-3167][JBTM-3166] fixes for test failures brought by JBTM-3166

JBTM-3087 Ensure the LRA implementation is up to date

JBTM-3166 TransactionListener's should not be enabled by default

They are no longer used in WildFly and have a performance cost

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: comment on the PERF pull job

JBTM-3165 Don't create the EnumSet and TransactionEvent unless it is required

[JBTM-3164] RTS SRA not needed all microprofile fractions as dependencies

Double check removed

JBTM-3087 AfterLRA annotation support

JBTM-3159 LRA does not work for JAX-RS resources which are not root resource classes

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JBTM-3157 LRA participant does not respect JAX-RS path definitions

JBTM-3087 Updrade to latest version of microprofile-lra (LRA issues 164 and 173)

JBTM-3169 Changes for MP-LRA issue 195

JBTM-3145 (MP-LRA issue146) allow LRA compensators to be called with any JAX-RS method

Upgrade undertow

[JBTM-3154] ./ path for -f maven test does not work in 3.6.1

JBTM-3145 do not use scope test for resteasy dependency (and upgrade MP-LRA snapshot version)

JBTM-3087 upgrade LRA version

[JBTM-3153] race condition at SimpleIsolatedServers

JBTM-3150 Migrate from swarm to thorntail

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JBTM-3146 Maintain JDK8 compatibility during the build

Revert "JBTM-3146 Make the parsing of XML and Java archives more flexible"

This reverts commit 8eba3e64d182e2f10913dcfff55e19e12c43cd6e.

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JBTM-3150 Upgrade maven version to 3.6.1

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[JBTM-3138] XTS bridge 1PC consistency failure

When TxBridge is used to inbound the transaction and call the WS

which do some transactional work and the WS is the only one

resource then onePhase is used. But onePhase causes data is not saved

to object store and recovery after JVM crash goes to rollback.

This is a follow-up to JBTM-3079 where active xids were considered

to not be processed by recovery manager

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[JBTM-3147] timed-out prepare on WS-AT participant should finish with calling abort, not heuristics

JBTM-3146 Make the parsing of XML and Java archives more flexible

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JBTM-3146 Make the parsing of XML and Java archives more flexible

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JBTM-3144 Intermittent LRA TCK test failures (use the default periodicRecoveryPeriod

JBTM-3144 Intermittent LRA TCK test failures

[JBTM-3148] returning correct error code on one phase commit failure

JBTM-3087 Upgrade to JAX-RS 2.1 and support JAX-RS async