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JBTM-1915 Enhancement to logging to output the status of prepare, commit and abort for each resource after they complete

Merge branch '' of git:// into

JBTM-1918. Automatically add XTS and TXBridge handlers to Web Services

Removed some debug statements from the script

Updated to 4.17.11.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 4.17.10.Final

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JBTM-1871. Automatically add the "org.jboss.xts" dependency for XTS applications

JBTM-1561 Set socket response port to 0 for blacktie-admin-services for greater flexibility

JBTM-1561 - Remove need for hard-coding all the servers and services in blacktie-admin-services btconfig.xml

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JBTM-1913 Update to move wildfly-blacktie into the narayana/blacktie

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JBTM-1916. Comment on pull based on test profiles

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JBTM-1916. Comment on pull based on test profiles

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In the test, it is possible that the resource is committed before the test starts waiting so use a field to check for that

JBTM-1910 ensure that the RTS surefire configuration inherits from the root poms plugin configuration for surefire where applicable

JBTM-1911 Update to kill the previous valgrind test

[JBTM-1453] Save best performance metrics and compare with prev run

JBTM-1909 keep the shaded pom in the target folder

JBTM-1904 Update to build blacktie subsystem

Revert "JBTM-1901"

This reverts commit 73daf5af12e35800b841123344edf4867588e6c8.

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[JBTM-1459] Improved javadoc for async config options

JBTM-1905. Use authentication when connecting to GitHub from

JBTM-1721. REST-AT participant support framework should support synchronizations

Merge branch '' of git:// into

Updated the readme

Merge branch 'master-JBTM-1698.Make_commit_response_body_optional' of into Gytis-master-JBTM-1698.Make_commit_response_body_optional

Updated to 4.17.10.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 4.17.9.Final

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Updated with the ability to add some generated folders when importing into eclipse