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Made pom description consistent

swapped JTS and XTS build order as JTS is the more common target

JBTM-2568 Remove quotes from PULL_DESCRIPTION

JBTM-2568 configurable PR jobs

JBTM-2567 Incorrect replay_completion in AfterCrashServiceImpl01 in crashrecovery02_2 test group

Updated to 5.2.9.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.2.8.Final

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JBTM-2566 Updated so that errors in the browsing of the objectstore are reported to the user

JBTM-2565 Use the object store API directly rather than the tooling iterator to access the Uids

[JBTM-2561] Update code coverage profiles

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JBTM-2537 Explicitly set the idlj compiler

JBTM-2318 replace missing log method

JBTM-2554 Add missing updates

Merge pull request #933 from tomjenkinson/useSameFilename

JBTM-2545 Updated to keep the filename in the source repo the same for the JTS …

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Merge pull request #938 from gnodet/osgi

OSGi support improvements

[BZ1280275] Recover of transaction started by MDB on WSMQ when RAR is deployed as an archive does not work

Revert "JBTM-2549 Incorrect replay_completion in AfterCrashServiceImpl tests"

This reverts commit 41bb9426a6b9b156bd40c912e80ed780d728fd12.

JBTM-2554 Provisionally update resource state after replay_completion

[JBTM-2556] Add a property to the OSGi services so that consumers can discriminate which transaction manager they want to use.

[JBTM-2557] Support Spring PlatformTransactionManager inside OSGi

Merge pull request #935 from zhfeng/JBTM-2550

JBTM-2550 ClassNotFoundException when restore_state from the object store during recovering

[JBTM-2556] Improve OSGi integration - support configuration using ConfigAdmin - track services for recovery

In order to support correctly stopping / restarting / reconfiguring the transaction manager, we build our own class loader to load the core jars.

This ensure that all static fields will be correctly reloaded when starting again after configuration change.

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JBTM-2550 Update to catch the ClassNotFoundException and try to get XAResource from the recovery helpers

JBTM-2547 StatusChecker reinterpretation of SystemException for Java idl orb

JBTM-2548 recover from port recycling in qa tests

JBTM-2549 Incorrect replay_completion in AfterCrashServiceImpl tests

JBTM-2534 Don't set resource trace to ResourceTraceUnknown in forget

Updated errored XTS upgrade file to 5.2.8.Final-SNAPSHOT

Don't delete the api/ folder after unzip!

Don't duplicate the rsync of the api docs