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[JBTM-1771] Better RESTAT source directory names

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[JBTM-1748] kill old test suite processes

[JBTM-1835] tests for enlisting RESTAT participants for a rollback only transaction

JBTM-1829 Updated to split the JacORB recovery test into two separate tests as surefire already has a VM fork mode of pertest it should ensure the two tests cannot interfere with each other

JBTM-1834 ignore the logger packages for code coverage

Removed wrongly committed jar

Minor typo fix.

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JBTM-1821 Make @Transactional work without specifying the 'org.jboss.jts export services' dependency

Merge branch 'master-JBTM-1728' of git:// into Gytis-master-JBTM-1728

JBTM-1829 Updated to ensure the ORB is shutdown before moving on to the next test


More unit tests. Coverage at 91% class for JTS.

Added print routine to RecoveryStatus.

JBTM-1826. Updated resteasy to 3.0.1.Final


Test has same package structure as class it is testing because most

methods are package scope.

Merge branch 'JBTM-1816' of into mmusgrov-JBTM-1816

JBTM-1790. Check if xaNodeName received from TXControl is not null.

Removed left over Gandiva method.

Merge branch 'master-JBTM-1506' of git:// into Gytis-master-JBTM-1506

Merge branch 'master-JBTM-1803' of git:// into Gytis-master-JBTM-1803

Merge branch 'master-JBTM-1819' of git:// into Gytis-master-JBTM-1819

Merge branch 'JBTM-1809' of into mmusgrov-JBTM-1809

Merge branch 'mmusgrov-JBTM-1611-master'

Merge branch 'JBTM-1611-master' of into mmusgrov-JBTM-1611-master

[JBTM-1816] Clear out object store before running each unit test