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JBTM-2956 Added a simple pooling datasource wrapper

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Revert "JBTM-2865 write to _work inside _workList lock"

This reverts commit 021cd85b85cca1411b358dc60efaea47c561fc79.

JBTM-2865 write to _work inside _workList lock

JBTM-2786 Order clauses to prevent deadlock in MySQL

[JBTM-2730] Not using system default encoding but UTF-8

Fix of static analysis bug

21994 Dm: Dubious method used In org.jboss.narayana.osgi.jta.internal.ObjStoreBrowserImpl.ObjStoreBrowserImpl


Found a call to a method which will perform a byte to String (or String

to byte) conversion, and will assume that the default platform encoding

is suitable)

Any conversion from byt and char should not use default platform

encoding. With default encoding code behaves differently depending

platform it runs on. Especially it's harmfull when data flows from one

platform to another.

Using UTF-8 as default.

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JBTM-2696 Added some more logging when read_state fails

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Updated to 4.17.33.Final

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JBTM-2655 Updated so that if a state is not able to be written the prepare will fail

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JBTM-2649 Updated to make sure we overwrite the record

JBTM-2649 Updated to make sure we overwrite the record

Updated to 5.3.1.Final

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JBTM-2618 Fix internal state in case of exception

JBTM-2618 Better usage of concurrent data stuctures in HornetqJournalStore

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JBTM-2618 Remove synchronization in HornetqJournalStore#getId

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JBTM-2609 Updated to handle all exceptions (including IllegalStateException) instead of just SQLException as declared - this is for EE environments

JBTM-2599 - Update activemq-artimes to 1.1.0.wildfly-010

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JBTM-2569 Treat a failure to find a log as if the log existed

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JBTM-2546 MariaDB have changed the wording returned from MetaData.getDriverName

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JBTM-2535 Added support for the MariaDB driver to be used as JDBC object store driver

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JBTM-2523 Upgrade the activemq-artimes to 1.1.0-wildfly-6 and fix the constructor of AIOSequentialFileFactory and NIOSequentialFileFactory

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JBTM-2487 Ensure that the connection and statement are closed if there is an exception

JBTM-2486 Updated to move the connection.close to after the other JDBC resources

JBTM-2464 replace hornetq-journal with artemis equivalent

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JBTM-2398 New volatile stores for uid lookup via type

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JBTM-2395 removed some old undeclared exceptions

Updated to 5.0.4.Final

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Updated to 4.17.23.Final

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JBTM-2179 When processing the list StoreElements in the run thread, the list is not synchronized so it is possible to remove it without owning the object so the getState method which does lock the list can fail

JBTM-2167 Updated so that we commit the transaction if there is nothing to update before attempting to commit to avoid deadlock in MySQL