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[JBTM-2041] wrong permissions on blacktie bin dir

JBTM-1999 Updated to include the wildfly module in the zip

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Revert "JBTM-1901"

This reverts commit 73daf5af12e35800b841123344edf4867588e6c8.

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Revert "JBTM-1847 Update to remove stompconnect"

This reverts commit ecdb067a289065b18399ef679224cd5eb9ac1aa7.

Revert "JBTM-1847 Update to start jboss-as with the configuration standalone-blacktie.xml"

This reverts commit 83d00ab78f9791b0e00340a781935881c367f6ca.

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JBTM-1847 Update to remove stompconnect

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JBTM-1495 moved blacktie into the narayana repo

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