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[JBTM-2730] Not using system default encoding but UTF-8

Fix of static analysis bug

21994 Dm: Dubious method used In org.jboss.narayana.osgi.jta.internal.ObjStoreBrowserImpl.ObjStoreBrowserImpl


Found a call to a method which will perform a byte to String (or String

to byte) conversion, and will assume that the default platform encoding

is suitable)

Any conversion from byt and char should not use default platform

encoding. With default encoding code behaves differently depending

platform it runs on. Especially it's harmfull when data flows from one

platform to another.

Using UTF-8 as default.

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JBTM-2333 Update to remove the jacorb dependency

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JBTM-2010 moved back to using a messagelistener

JBTM-1945 moving to a consumer means we are in control of when to dequeue the message so do not call dequeue when the connection is stopped

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JBTM-1934 use our own threading to handle dequeing messages as hornetq doesn't like us suspending our own session from a message listener

JBTM-1855 Update to use REST-AT bridge in the blacktie subsystem

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JBTM-1913 Update to move wildfly-blacktie into the narayana/blacktie

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