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JBTM-2731 No longer need to check for BT version against WFLY

Added a script to do the release

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Updated the commands to use when releasing BlackTie on Windows

Updated script so that it won't pause after each execution of build.bat on Windows

NRP update. Close wildfly and use hudson username

Updated release script to set JAVA_HOME

Add an empty suffix to sed -i in NRP script

Updated to 5.3.1.Final

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JBTM-2481 corrected the typos in the output to provide during release to be ran on windows

JBTM-2481 pull the tags from upstream

JBTM-2481 pull the tags from upstream

JBTM-2481 Call the script as part of the NRP

Updated to not try to checkout the tag that doesn't exist at the start of the process

JBTM-2481 Updated to use ~/tmp/narayana/TAG for the temporary folder

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Script upgrade

Script upgrade

Script upgrade

Updated release scripts to fail on error

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