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[JBTM-3138] XTS bridge 1PC consistency failure

When TxBridge is used to inbound the transaction and call the WS

which do some transactional work and the WS is the only one

resource then onePhase is used. But onePhase causes data is not saved

to object store and recovery after JVM crash goes to rollback.

This is a follow-up to JBTM-3079 where active xids were considered

to not be processed by recovery manager

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[WFLY-11849] txbridge import transaction to use default timeout or defined from message

The integration with WFLY with change of the WFTC-54 causes

that timeout set to 0 means the timeout elapsed and participant

is not permitted to be enlisted to transaction.

Let's use default timeout instead.

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[JBTM-3107] removing and escaping single quote characters from log message format

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Adding inbound txbridge commit crashrec test

follow-up to JBTM-3079 where active xids were considered

to not be processed by recovery manager

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[JBTM-3079] adding test and improving logging

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[JBTM-3079] InboundBridge recovery aborts live transactions

During a recovery pass, the InboundBridgeRecoveryManager scans for subordinate XA branches that may need cleanup. The filtering process applied by checkXid correctly excludes tx that are not owned by the bridge, but fails to ignore those that are owned but also still live. Therefore, a race condition exists such that the recovery process may incorrectly abort a branch if invoked between the prepare and commit steps, resulting in data corruption relative to other committed branches from the parent i.e. Heuristic outcomes.

[JBTM-3025] Xid created from imported transaction should not change node name

reasoning of the change JBTM-2893 were issues on JCA inflow transactions

which did not work when inflowed from more resources. The fix of 2893

fixed the issue but itroduced issue with the node name of subordinate

transaction differs.

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[JBTM-2948] for failed beforeCompletion failure it could happen there is empty heuristics list which then fails with NPE

on the investigation this NPE could happen only for XTS where SubordinateATCoordinator

calls BasicAction.phase2Abort(true) where the true means report heuristics

if the report heuristics is false then the NPE will not happen

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[JBTM-2610][JBTM-2880] more logs in case of troubles

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[JBTM-2687] Fix of typos in TxBridge tests.

Updated to 4.17.33.Final

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Updated to 5.3.1.Final

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[JBTM-2633] Update arquillian.xml in tests to contain settings for server startup timeout

In case that test is run against some slow database on a slow machine

when jdbc object store is used then server could not be started on time

of 60 seconds and test start to fail.

This change adds configurable option to increase the arquillian settings

of server startup timeout if necessary.

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JBTM-2395 Added in some missing @return statements

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JBTM-2181. Check for different type of transactions when handling inbound/outbound requests

JBTM-2181. OptionalJaxWSTxInboundBridgeHandler does not handle multi-threaded requests

JBTM-2210 Updated to use latest JBoss Logging annotations

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changed scripts to support solaris, hpux, windows

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changed scripts to support solaris, hpux & windows

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JBTM-1987. OptionalJaxWSTxInboundBridgeHandler should not expect transaction context to be available when handling outbount message

JBTM-1963. Automatically added TXBridge handler should be optional

JBTM-1917. Remove unnecessary polling for WS-AT and WS-BA recovery manager

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JBTM-1918. Automatically add XTS and TXBridge handlers to Web Services

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JBTM-1797 Update to rename byteman scripts with .btm

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JBTM-1508. Modify standalone-xts with ant script instead of keeping copy of it

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JBTM-1447. TXBridge test class names have to have "Tests" at the end

[AS7-6612] Remove JAXR support from WSTXFeature tests

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JBTM-986.JBTM-1447. WSTX and JTAOverWSAT features and handlers

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JBTM-1323 InvalidTerminationStateException in multi-hop TXBridge senario