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Updated to 4.17.33.Final

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Updated to 5.3.1.Final

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[JBTM-2633] Update arquillian.xml in tests to contain settings for server startup timeout

In case that test is run against some slow database on a slow machine

when jdbc object store is used then server could not be started on time

of 60 seconds and test start to fail.

This change adds configurable option to increase the arquillian settings

of server startup timeout if necessary.

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JBTM-1918. Automatically add XTS and TXBridge handlers to Web Services

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JBTM-1797 Update to rename byteman scripts with .btm

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JBTM-1508. Modify standalone-xts with ant script instead of keeping copy of it

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[AS7-6612] Remove JAXR support from WSTXFeature tests

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JBTM-986.JBTM-1447. WSTX and JTAOverWSAT features and handlers

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update arquillian.xml to use standalone-xts.xml

Signed-off-by: Amos Feng <>

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[JBTM-1156] add ipv6 JVM args for running arquillian

[JBTM-1156] modular hudson run script


[JBTM-1156] arquillian hangs in IPv6 mode unless the managemnetAddress is set correctly

[JBTM-1156] Temporarily disable testAT5_5 and test for IPv6

[JBTM-1156] Test for IPv6 for hardcoded endpoints

[JBTM-1156] First pass at IPv6 tweaks for txbridge

[JBTM-1156] arquillian fixes for WSTX11 INTEROP and UNIT TESTS

[JBTM-1156] IPv6 support for XTS crash rec tests

[JBTM-1156] XTS crash rec test hardcodes opts in BaseCrashTest - add a workaround to test IPv6 on dual IP stack hosts

[JBTM-1156] Need an empty constructor

[JBTM-1156] correct typo

[JBTM-1156] Fix type

[JBTM-1156] Replace ::1 with [::1] for managmentAddress

[JBTM-1156] Change URL encode/decode to cope with [::1]

experiment with web.xml

[JBTM-1156] revert httpclient experiment

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Revert "[JBTM-1156] IPv6 config"

This reverts commit 49309712ab8d620e4b77558ac7b9d78bdb722ddd.

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Revert "[JBTM-1156] revert IPv6 changes for txbridge"

This reverts commit 78a07d4defd1919f9edb4dd61da63545ede31b02.

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[JBTM-1156] revert IPv6 changes for txbridge

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[JBTM-1156] IPv6 config

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JBTM-1123 updated to structure as per maven, note that the tests are skipped as JBOSS is not set correctly

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