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[JBTM-1156] add ipv6 JVM args for running arquillian

[JBTM-1156] modular hudson run script


[JBTM-1156] arquillian hangs in IPv6 mode unless the managemnetAddress is set correctly

[JBTM-1156] Temporarily disable testAT5_5 and test for IPv6

[JBTM-1156] Test for IPv6 for hardcoded endpoints

[JBTM-1156] First pass at IPv6 tweaks for txbridge

[JBTM-1156] arquillian fixes for WSTX11 INTEROP and UNIT TESTS

[JBTM-1156] IPv6 support for XTS crash rec tests

[JBTM-1156] XTS crash rec test hardcodes opts in BaseCrashTest - add a workaround to test IPv6 on dual IP stack hosts

[JBTM-1156] Need an empty constructor

[JBTM-1156] correct typo

[JBTM-1156] Fix type

[JBTM-1156] Replace ::1 with [::1] for managmentAddress

[JBTM-1156] Change URL encode/decode to cope with [::1]

experiment with web.xml

[JBTM-1156] revert httpclient experiment

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Revert "[JBTM-1156] IPv6 config"

This reverts commit 49309712ab8d620e4b77558ac7b9d78bdb722ddd.

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Revert "[JBTM-1156] revert IPv6 changes for txbridge"

This reverts commit 78a07d4defd1919f9edb4dd61da63545ede31b02.

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[JBTM-1156] revert IPv6 changes for txbridge

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[JBTM-1156] IPv6 config

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JBTM-1185 @WebService annotation is missing targetNamespace in outbound.service.TestServiceImpl class

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JBTM-1123 updated to structure as per maven, note that the tests are skipped as JBOSS is not set correctly

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