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JBTM-1800 update to use a maven plugin to get the byteman.jar at build time

JBTM-1806 removed the XTS tests that are held in src/main from the code coverage statistics

JBTM-1554 Updated to that scripts/hudson can build pull request versions of branches

Debug the XAResource being used in the second pass

JBTM-1839 blacktie pom.xml has hardcoded WildFly versions

JBTM-1823 Updated to support providing an scm revision if scm is not present

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Removed references to buildScmBranch as this is not required for git

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JBTM-1823 Updated to support providing an scm revision if scm is not present

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JBTM-1708 Updated the instructions for launching transaction and recovery managers

JBTM-1837 Upgrade Narayana to use WildFly 8.0.0.Alpha3-SNAPSHOT

Merge branch 'JBTM-1835'

JBTM-1299 Updated to clarify the build location of major artifacts

Updated to move the ant configuration into the actual execution as the codeCoverage profile also defines antrun but in an earlier phase and that config is used too early therefore

JBTM-1836 prevent possible NPE in the test

JBTM-1815 Ensure that the build system can locate the emma jar

[JBTM-1771] Better RESTAT source directory names

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[JBTM-1748] kill old test suite processes

[JBTM-1835] tests for enlisting RESTAT participants for a rollback only transaction

JBTM-1829 Updated to split the JacORB recovery test into two separate tests as surefire already has a VM fork mode of pertest it should ensure the two tests cannot interfere with each other

JBTM-1834 ignore the logger packages for code coverage

Removed wrongly committed jar

Minor typo fix.

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JBTM-1821 Make @Transactional work without specifying the 'org.jboss.jts export services' dependency

Merge branch 'master-JBTM-1728' of git:// into Gytis-master-JBTM-1728

JBTM-1829 Updated to ensure the ORB is shutdown before moving on to the next test


More unit tests. Coverage at 91% class for JTS.

Added print routine to RecoveryStatus.