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RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Fail if tag does not exist

Updated to 5.9.6.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.9.5.Final

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RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Find if any files are changed

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Removed Jira update

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Allow different platform to do the release

RELEASE SCRIPTS ONLY: narayana-full is under community profile and dockerfiles can be without update

Updated to 5.9.5.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.9.4.Final

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BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Only build LRA in community builds

[JBTM-3125] test formatting fixes for lra&rts&jts

[JBTM-3124] using xaresource parent logger not infinite callback loop to itself

[JBTM-3123] LRA POST to start has Incorrect @ApiResponse annotation

JBTM-3117 remove dependencies on LRAClient and update MP-LRA version

Signed-off-by: Michael Musgrove <>

JBTM-3117 Upgrade to the latest LRA spec version

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[WFLY-11849] txbridge import transaction to use default timeout or defined from message

The integration with WFLY with change of the WFTC-54 causes

that timeout set to 0 means the timeout elapsed and participant

is not permitted to be enlisted to transaction.

Let's use default timeout instead.

[JBTM-3120] using jboss-dockerfiles/narayana repository for dockerfiles when releasing

[JBTM-3119] adding few sentences about tests in Narayana to

RELEASE SCRIPT ONLY: Updated to prompt for docker

[JBTM-3104] adding LRA tests profile for LRA not being tested by default with MAIN profile

[JBTM-3117] Upgrade to the latest LRA spec version

JBTM-3115 Do not run LRA TCK by default

JBTM-3057 make sure the javadoc work on JDK9+

JBTM-3057 replace the 'tt' with the 'code' as it is not supported on HTML5

JBTM-3057 enable the javadoc on ArjunaCore

Revert "disable the javadoc with the JDK9"

This reverts commit 8e017dfae7e9a023972d9ec32c8e8779362d1595.

[JBTM-3109][lra#94] renaming LRA status complete/compensate to close/cancel

Based on the changes in LRA TCK the LRA status methods were renamed to

close and cancel.

[JBTM-3112] Remove dependency on LRA client from LRA coordinator

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[SCRIPT ONLY] after fixing JBTM-3067 there is no need to rebase jdk11 against a special branch