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JBTM-3017 Report periodic recovery problems

JBTM-3017 Report periodic recovery problems

[JBTM-3031] enhancing error messages for the XTS registration

this is follow up to the JBTM-2928 as discussed at EAP7-911

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[JBTM-3031] enhancing error messages for the XTS registration

this is follow up to the JBTM-2928 as discussed at EAP7-911

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JBTM-2982 Drive participant completion from a separate thread

JBTM-3028 Retry recovery on slow networks Signed-off-by:

JBTM-3028 Temporarily disable SpecIT#acceptTest - can fail on a slow network

[TEST ONLY] not starting lra-test coordinator when tests are skipped

JBTM-2978 Handle HTTP connection errors

[JBTM-3027] using temporarily dependency to io.narayana instead of org.eclipse

removing dependency to lra annotations as push depreated code to swarm factions depending on the project

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[JBTM-3026] lra test to prefer ipv4 as coordinator startup java argument

JBTM-2979 add a test for participant timeouts

JBTM-2977 Debug the coordinator

[JBTM-3025] Xid created from imported transaction should not change node name

reasoning of the change JBTM-2893 were issues on JCA inflow transactions

which did not work when inflowed from more resources. The fix of 2893

fixed the issue but itroduced issue with the node name of subordinate

transaction differs.

Updated to 5.8.3.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.8.2.Final

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[SCRIPTS ONLY] removing release profile from the jboss as build

It's not needed to build the WFLY as release as Narayana

uses it only for tests.

Removing download licenses should mitigate error on building with


[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.jboss.galleon:galleon-maven-plugins:1.0.0.CR3:provision (server-provisioning) on project wildfly-build: Failed to provision the state:

Failed to locate /tmp/ecb7b9e6-6be5-4af7-aba6-b8fba83b78b5/staged/docs/licenses/servlet-feature-pack-licenses.xml -> [Help 1]

JBTM-3024 Add microprofile-lra build instructions

JBTM-2977 Handle network failures when ending participants Including a test for tardy compensators

JBTM-2978 Make sure Abort creates heuristic

JBTM-2958 Invalid join LRA requests shoudl return 412 Precondition Failed

JBTM-3018 Simplify LRA proxy interface (and clean up LRA constants)

Signed-off-by: Michael Musgrove <>

JBTM-3022 Still build deprecated APIs

JBTM-3018 change bash function name for mac

JBTM-3021 Make sure to only use one lock when dealing the _synchs object. Otherwise .next() can get a ConcurrentModificationException

JBTM-3016 update to add an unit test for TransactionalDataSourceFactory

Implement LRAManagement::unregisterDeserializer

JBTM-3018 Update LRA proxy interface

JBTM-3016 Update to use the BasicManagedDataSource

JBTM-3016 Fix the NoSuchFieldException to use the super class of GenericObjectPoolConfig if the prop is not 'maxTotal', 'maxIdle' and 'minIdle' and add the poolable connection and the abondoned configurations