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JBTM-3171 Set recovery header on AfterLRA notifications

[JBTM-3170] fix for wrong parsing jdbc connection property name when multiple connections are configured

JBTM-3087 Ensure the LRA implementation is up to date

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Updated to 5.9.7.Final-SNAPSHOT

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Updated to 5.9.6.Final

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BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: narayana-codeCoverage job at narayanaci1 does not exist anymore (is disabled), removing it from the release checks

Updated to use a local copy of WFLY

Updated to use a local copy of WFLY

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: Allow to mark a performance pull request as being dependend upon

[JBTM-3167][JBTM-3166] fixes for test failures brought by JBTM-3166

JBTM-3087 Ensure the LRA implementation is up to date

JBTM-3166 TransactionListener's should not be enabled by default

They are no longer used in WildFly and have a performance cost

BUILD SCRIPT ONLY: comment on the PERF pull job

JBTM-3165 Don't create the EnumSet and TransactionEvent unless it is required

[JBTM-3164] RTS SRA not needed all microprofile fractions as dependencies

Double check removed

JBTM-3087 AfterLRA annotation support

JBTM-3159 LRA does not work for JAX-RS resources which are not root resource classes

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JBTM-3157 LRA participant does not respect JAX-RS path definitions

JBTM-3087 Updrade to latest version of microprofile-lra (LRA issues 164 and 173)

JBTM-3169 Changes for MP-LRA issue 195

JBTM-3145 (MP-LRA issue146) allow LRA compensators to be called with any JAX-RS method

Upgrade undertow

[JBTM-3154] ./ path for -f maven test does not work in 3.6.1

JBTM-3145 do not use scope test for resteasy dependency (and upgrade MP-LRA snapshot version)

JBTM-3087 upgrade LRA version

[JBTM-3153] race condition at SimpleIsolatedServers

JBTM-3150 Migrate from swarm to thorntail

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JBTM-3146 Maintain JDK8 compatibility during the build

Revert "JBTM-3146 Make the parsing of XML and Java archives more flexible"

This reverts commit 8eba3e64d182e2f10913dcfff55e19e12c43cd6e.

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