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JBTM-1240 jbossHome

JBTM-1240 jbossHome

JBTM-1240 update to set JBoss Home for XTS demo

JBTM-1240 updated to not use JBOSS_HOME

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JBTM-1240 updated to use AS 7.1.1.Final

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    • +10
    • -18
    • +16
Merge pull request #15 from zhfeng/JBTM-1239

JBTM-1239 XTS and TXBridge Demo: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/arjuna/wst/SystemException

JBTM-1212 update XTS and TXBridge demo use standalone-xts.xml

JBTM-1240 TODO re-enable blacktie

JBTM-1240 updated to use the latest version of the AS

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    • -17
    • +18
JBTM-1239 update to add xts dependency in xts-demo-war

JBTM-747 Changes to conform to draft 8 of the REST-AT spec

JBTM-1214 rename narayana-jts to narayana-jts-jacorb

Added url to pre-built TXFramework bundle

Review of TXFramework quicksstarts

    • -7
    • +11
JBTM-1168 Apply AS7 TXFramework commits to 5_BRANCH

Many minor fixes needed to the TXFramework quickstarts

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Merge pull request #12 from paulrobinson/JBTM-1153_Ensure_the_quickstart_docs_(

JBTM-1153 Ensure the quickstart docs (each point to the corre...

JBTM-1153 Ensure the quickstart docs (each point to the correct version of Narayana downloads and docs

Merge pull request #9 from zhfeng/JBTM-651

JBTM-651 add fileio demo

Merge branch 'JBTM-1179' of into zhfeng-JBTM-1179

JBTM-1179 update to ensure txbridge demo work on jbosas 7.1.1.Final

JBTM-1180 quickstarts/pom.xml specifies duplicate child module TXBridge


Updated to pass through the environment variables

Use BLACKTIE_DIST_HOME rather than a .m2

JBTM-1178 The TXBridge demo is not tested by 'mvn test' in the root of the quickstart project

JBTM-651 add fileio demo

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    • +55
JBTM-1173 Add IPv6 support to XTS demo tests and TxBridge demo tests

JBTM-1163 Create a TXFramework REST-AT quickstart

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    • +261
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added the atsintegration example