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[SECURITY-796] Fixed an issue where the LdapExtended login module does not handle a user that has a slash character in the uid

SECURITY-769 Port changes applied to picketbox-container
[SECURITY-771] Enable white-space in parameters for external password command
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SECURITY-753 Mask credentials when logging the LDAP connection environment
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SECURITY-750 Changed DBUtils.getRolesSets() method to receive the TxManagerJNDIName as a parameter

[SECURITY-749] LdapExtLoginModule cannot cope with roles contains a slash - fixed
[WFLY-1668] Cache passwords from external source for LdapExtLoginModule doesn't work with {EXTC}

Call fixed.

[AS7-5737] Fixed referrals traversal for roles stored in LDAP referral.
[AS7-5737] allowReferralsForAuth option removed as we are not supporting username/password in referrals
[JBPAPP6-1704] Changing default of allow empty passwords to false.
[AS7-5737] Changes to handle LDAP referrals correctly. Use javax.naming.referral=follow as login module option to have the smoothest behavior.

Set "allowReferralsForAuth" true|false for handling roles which reside in referral's tree.

SECURITY-703 Change log level of failed login attemps to DEBUG
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SECURITY-665: Added passwordIsA1Hash option to the set of valid options in UsernamePasswordLoginModule
[SECURITY-638] security modules option check
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Fixed regressions in AS tests
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SECURITY-680: fixed AbstractServerLM.commit() to only create a caller principal group if the call to getRoleSets() didn't do it first.
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    • +15
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SECURITY-660: converted picketbox to use i18n logging and exceptions
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    • -77
    • +34
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[SECURITY-638] login module option checks
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    • +28
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[SECURITY-638] login module option checks
SECURITY-648: files, streams need to be closed
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SECURITY-625: retrofit login modules with vault
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SECURITY-609: error codes for exception messages
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removing common-core dependency from the implementation
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remove the warnings and change line delimiters to unix
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SECURITY-602: creating LM to fail authentication
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    • +91
Separate authentication from role mapping in the login modules
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    • +338
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    • +52
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    • +87
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SECURITY-597: workaround for InitialDirContext in AS7
SECURITY-595: removing SecurityAssociation
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Allow system properties to be used in the file path
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