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PBR-134 IE8 fix
remove seam Lfecycle settings
RESOLVED - issue PBR-127: A4J.AJAX.onExpired - send proper response headers


RichFaces version changet to 3.3.3.CR1

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create jsf 2.0 branch
  1. … 165 more files in changeset.
create jsf 2.0 branch
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path to libs made relative
more awesome documentation!
more awesome documentation!
correct servlet context for ajax push example, and small cleanup in rf demo
JBQA-2956 ajax push now works - just needed correct servlet context in web.xml
small javascript decleration fix
JBQA-2956, PBR-135 small web.xml setting
JBQA-2956, PBR-135 mirror from trunk, fix for rich:editor
fix application.xml
editor fix
small fix for RF editor
version changes and add gatein admin portlet
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  1. /tags/2.0.0.CR1/examples/gatein/bridgeadmin
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tag 2.0.0.CR1
pom changes for archetypes
minor web.xml changes
archetype version changes
archetype and doc changes
fixed issues with RF demo on Gatein and fixed ContextMenu Zoom demo
Minor changes - gatein style working and modify dups in application.xml - and remove jdk 5 incompatibility with XMLRootElement