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PBR-366: ViewExpiredException caused by Session expiration being masked by NPE

- Added checks to prevent a null ViewRoot from being accessed, which prevents the NPE and allows the VEE to propogate correctly

PBR-325: Docs: Portlet name missing in the code for NONE LoadStyleStrategy

- Altered documentation to recommend using a4j loadScript and loadStyle for RF instead of script and link

PBR-323: Docs: Command for generating archetypes does not work

- Updated docs for archetype generation to use full url instead of bit.ly one

PBR-320: response.createResourceURL() broken from PBR-307

- Modified how resource urls are retrieved

- Updated RichFaces demo to work with new approach

PBR-324: Docs: RENDER_POLICY configuration is misspelled

- Corrected capitalization of Render Policy for web.xml example

PBR-287: Clustering: BridgeRequestScope can end up with an uninitialized beans field on unmarshalling

- Need to initialize map outside of its normal use to prevent errors with clustering

PBR-361: Backport fix in EPP Branch for Resource Handling in RichFaces

- Created RichFaces Internet Resource Builder to handle RichFaces resources

Change WRAP_SCRIPTS to false as default
PBR-314: RichFaces Tree with Drag/Drop doesn't load

- Modified how the image is set for the dragIndicator to make it available at EL evaluation time

- Set tab panel to switch using client method instead of server

PBR-313: RichFaces Queue Demo doesn't load

- Fixed paths for script and style files which were preventing load of Queue Demo page

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.3.0.Final
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Fix maven build errors
Fix maven build errors
Fix maven build errors
PBR-301: Update Documentation

- Fix archetypes

- Update links and content in docs to reflect current state

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Update project version in ajaxPortlet
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PBR-311: Improve RichFaces support over WSRP

- Modify RenderKit Renderer for RF Editor to handle wsrp urls

- Modify list of special resources from tinyMCE

PBR-311: Improve RichFaces support over WSRP

- Create new RenderKit Renderer for RF Editor to handle resource suffix's correctly

- Add use of Renderer to RF Demo app

PBR-301: Update Documentation

- Fix broken pom files

PBR-244: Request scoped beans and facesmessages are not request scoped after an ActionRequest or ResourceRequest

- Added two new context parameters for specifying how the Bridge handles WindowState and ViewIds

- Updated documentation to include how they are used

Fix bug in processing Accept-Language that had commas in incorrect place
Updates to bring project codebase in line with product
PBR-284: rich:simpleTogglePanel does not work when placing two portlets using rich:simpleTogglePanel in a page

- Fix problem of LoadScriptStrategy ALL not properly wrapping RF scripts when WRAP_SCRIPTS is true

Remove version reference from pom files that are not part of Maven build at present to prevent tagging problems
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PBR-304: Problem with resourceId while rendering bookingMapPortlet over WSRP

- Modified Google Map js file to reference external image file for pin instead of within example portlet

PBR-309: Bridge issues found by TCK

- Added methods to strategy interface for separating calls to RichFaces Resource URL creation for portlets that don't use RichFaces

PBR-309: Bridge issues found by TCK

- Added methods to strategy interface for separating calls to Seam Faces Lifecycle for those portlets that don't use Seam

Fix bug with rich:editor in RF Demo
PBR-307: Inspect the change in image URL handling

- Override getResourceUrl() in PortletViewHandler to use InternetResourceBuilder so that it creates /portal urls correctly