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PBR-301: Update Documentation

- Fix broken pom files

PBR-244: Request scoped beans and facesmessages are not request scoped after an ActionRequest or ResourceRequest

- Added two new context parameters for specifying how the Bridge handles WindowState and ViewIds

- Updated documentation to include how they are used

Fix bug in processing Accept-Language that had commas in incorrect place
Updates to bring project codebase in line with product
PBR-284: rich:simpleTogglePanel does not work when placing two portlets using rich:simpleTogglePanel in a page

- Fix problem of LoadScriptStrategy ALL not properly wrapping RF scripts when WRAP_SCRIPTS is true

Remove version reference from pom files that are not part of Maven build at present to prevent tagging problems
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PBR-304: Problem with resourceId while rendering bookingMapPortlet over WSRP

- Modified Google Map js file to reference external image file for pin instead of within example portlet

PBR-309: Bridge issues found by TCK

- Added methods to strategy interface for separating calls to RichFaces Resource URL creation for portlets that don't use RichFaces

Preparing for next iteration
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Tagging 2.0.1.FINAL.EPP43CP07
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Fixing a couple of issues and preparing for EPPCP07 release
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Update dependencies
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PBR-309: Bridge issues found by TCK

- Added methods to strategy interface for separating calls to Seam Faces Lifecycle for those portlets that don't use Seam

Fix bug with rich:editor in RF Demo
PBR-307: Inspect the change in image URL handling

- Override getResourceUrl() in PortletViewHandler to use InternetResourceBuilder so that it creates /portal urls correctly

Remove unused method variable and imports
PBR-307: Inspect the change in image URL handling

- Modified example app to retrieve images by different means

PBR-275: Replicated seesion is corrupted in Portlet Bridge Seam application

- Applied patch to PortalIdentity$JBossLoginDelegate to call in.defaultReadObject() as part of de-serialization

PBR-280: RichFaces Demo - selected item in the navigation updated only when the page is reloaded

- Added id to rich panel menu and set id on render of menu action

PBR-281: RichFaces Demo - duplicate validation errors destroy the layout

- Removed h:messages from within each Ajax Menu option

PBR-299: JSF 1.2 archetype is not remotable

- Added code to portlet.xml to add remotable, or not, section based on make-remotable flag

PBR-243: "No phase id bound to current thread" caused by s:link with param defined in the page.xml

- When saving the view state, we need to be in the invoke application phase to prevent PageContext being active without a phase

PBR-276: Portal Booking Demo - redundant error messages

- Remove duplicate error message display component

- Clear messages from Seams StatusMessages once the bridge has retrieved them to prevent duplication

- Also set clientId to be null instead of "" for consistency

PBR-278: Portal Booking Demo - incorrect message displayed when canceling a booking

- Added message to Faces prior to the booking being removed and the bookingList being reloaded

- Removed EL expression for setting confirmation number as by the time that it is evaluated the booking is no longer present, causing it to provide the id of the remaining booking as part of the message instead

PBR-157: Cancel booking cause seam-booking-demo crash

- modified cancel button to be a plain JSF button instead of a Seam one, to prevent the action being called multiple times from the PhaseListener, and set the immediate property to true to skip validation

PBR-303: Remove Seam Conversation from BridgeRequest Scope when redirecting to error page

- add code into ExceptionHandlerBase that removes Conversation ID from BridgeContext and Bridge Request Scope when rendering an error page

PBR-302: Blank page loaded instead of Main when leaving Error page in Seam Booking

- added reset method to hotel bean which clears the saved hotels from the session, and modified link to main page from error page to use s:link and call reset method

Update framework versions mentioned in footer of seamBooking
Add .settings, target, .classpath and .project to svn:ignore