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https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10522 Tooltip - @showDelay does not work correctly
rich:tab sample - added actionListener, action, bypassUpdaes and immediate + added itemChangeListener to tabPanel
RF-10566: @switchType is fixed for rich:accordionItem, rich:togglePanelItem, and rich:tab
added common ajax attributes bindings for dropTarget + fixed panelMenu itemChangeListener output and activeItem bindings
removed issue tracking RF-10054
richAccordion - fixed itemChangeListener which changed the expected output of UIComponent.toString()
fixed rich:collapsiblePanel test @bypassUpdates + removed issue tracking (RF-10054)
fixed panelMenu - testClientSideExpansionEvent - needs to toggle twice to call expansion events
rich:panelMenuGroup - fixed sample - missing @begin
panelMenu - removed issue tracking
RF-10561 - changed text color in the footer.
Updated calendar docs as per RFPL-985
RF-10488 Accordion: cannot switch with Myfaces when switchType is not defined
RF-10357: function handler is fixed
RF-10054 Panels: attributes bypassUpdates and immediate ignored
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10544 Tooltip - hovering with direction=auto causes script to hang up (MyFaces)
Removed deprecated GradientA.java
added issue tracking info
refactored - metadata should be immediate child of UIViewRoot (RFPL-1135)
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Fixed small typo in RegEx in push.js