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forgetten commit to CollapsibleSubTable model
rich:CST - fixed facet instant changes tests
rich:CST - added assertions on subtable visibility after using toggler
attribute bypassUpdates removed from all samples for panels

tests for bypassUpdates removed

header in pom updated
RF-10588 Taglib: bypassUpdates attribute should be removed from panel containers (WAS: Taglib: tabPanel is missing attribute bypassUpdates)
a4j:queue sample - removed @disabled which causes sample not working in Mojarra 2.1.0
added issue tracking for RFPL-1194
RF-10515: toggle control width is fixed
RF-10593 'styleClass' attribute of rich:column is ignored when inside a rich:extendedDataTable
EDT - Mojarra-MyFaces test compatibility issue - added issue tracking for RFPL-1193
fixed panelMenu serialization - UIPanelMenuItem wasn't serializable as UIComponent - replaced with item name
jointPoint and direction of side drop down menu changed
fixed issues with recognition of selected nodes in map