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updated issue tracking script to work properly
removed issue tracking for RFPL-1186
removed issue tracking for RF-10497
updated issue tracking - added RF-10564, RF-10563, RFPL-1223; removed RF-10317
removed issue tracking RFPL-1133
removed issue tracking RF-9947
removed issue tracking RF-10048
removed issue tracking RF-10054
changed way of checking show data facet checkbox working in both - Mojarra and MyFaces
slightly increased minimal value of maxDeviation for queue and poll tests
added issue tracking for RF-10627
added issue tracking for RFPL-1222
accordion - fixed test for active item - if disabled item is set in model, first item is activated instead
added issue tracking RF-10486
added issue tracking for RF-10626
panelMenu - fixed selected group/item locators
RF-10586 togglePanel : ignores validation on ajax switching
RESOLVED - issue RF-10062: CSV: cache results in services


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RF-10614: @converter attribute is fixed, @itemConverter is removed
RF-10624 tabPanel: activeItem attribute on disabled tab work incorrect
forgetten commit to CollapsibleSubTable model