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RESOLVED - issue RF-10732:


Discussed with Nick.

RESOLVED - issue RF-10719: Validation: several javascript files not found


Discussed with Nick.

CODING IN PROGRESS - issue RF-10370: messages: encoded as single line


sent to review by Ilya Shaikovsky

RF-10711 css: dataTable review and updates

- reviewed by Konstantin Mishin

samples modified so that it's possible to test attributes required and requiredMessage
samples for inplace input modified so that it's possible to test attribute required
default requiredMessage set for calendar
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10728 Ajax: different behavior in Mojarra and MyFaces when disabled. Demo updated.
little cut'n'paste problem which not affects application functionality. just removed jsessionid's from external links added while copying from design pages.

+ pointed download link to stable instead of milestones. Should be done prior to final.

added validation message to calendar samples
RF-10727 tables: rowClass works only defined as string

- reviewed by Konstantin Mishin

RF-10688: padding for drop down menu disabled label is fixed. Verified by Anton Belevich.
added validation samples
global queue - added introduce delay checkbox to test ignore dup responses
global queue - separated testIgnoreDupResponses to tests with true/false value
fixed XHRHalter
added validation samples for rich:inplaceSelect
fixed status sample - @id needed for referencing from tests
added attribute styleClass to calendar's sample

added 5 new tests for rich:calendar


Reviewed by Nick Belaevski

RF-10640: shadow of popupPanel is fixed. Verified by Anton Belevich.
testng-output.xml - needs to express richPanel/TestRichPanel as class instead of whole package, because otherwise all richPanel** packages are expanded incl. richPanelMenu**
Added missing tag
Updated skinning appendix
RF-10685 Reviewer: Nick Belaevski
RF-10703: @styleClass of calendar is fixed. Reviewed by Pavel Yaschenko.
added a validator for selects
added validation to rich:inplaceInput