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added two new templates - rich:collapsibleSubTable, rich:list


added two new templates - rich:dataGrid and rich:extendedDataTable

template names fixed
Documented messages layout support: RFPL-1136
Added links to generated docs: RFPL-1411
Added further clarification for hashParam: RFPL-1380
Completed revision for engineering review: RFPL-1380
tests updated to use new templates

iteration templates refactored

model used in templates moved from TemplateBean to Model
samples for attribute keepSaved updated
empty css files removed and references to them removed
  1. … 24 more files in changeset.

added pages for testing keepSaved in iteration components

progress bar test updated
Completed up to Drag and Drop from Engineering review (RFPL-1380) including message icon details (RFPL-1123)
Completed part 3 of revisions for Engineering review: RFPL-1380
tests updated
added issue tracking information

2 tests for calendar fixed

issue tracking info added
tests for panel menu group fixed
Revised Tables and Grids chapter according to Engineering review: RFPL-1380
Added mediaOutput documentation: RFPL-1400
Fixed wrong message for skin not found

EventListenerHandler code optimization

CleitnBehavior moved to another location
Imports optimization

Removed dead code

Minor cleanup in core

Added a4jSkin variable in resources plugin

Minor cleanup in core
Minor pom files update
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10601 Update build to generation on profiles
  1. /branches/4.0.X/ui/dist/richfaces-components-ui/src