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servlet-api dependency removed

unused import removed

RF-11825: add example for fileUpload component within composite component.
RF-11850: add Extended Data Table issue example

Create demonstration example in Metamer for NPE problem on columns resize when 2 EDT placed on one page.

RF-11873: add example demonstrating problem with tooltip

A4j:commnadButton with tooltip, rerendered conditionaly causes whole button disappear when condition to rerender is met.

RF-11814: add example for tab switching problem in tabPanel

This issue describe problem with tab switch when @switchType on tabPanel is set to "ajax"

update resources-config.xml
update to tinymce 3.2.5
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delete the old version of tinymce.
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  1. … 30783 more files in changeset.
create the branch for bugzilla 781508
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merged with trunk

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RichFaces upgraded to 4.1.0.Final-redhat-1

RF-11846: add example to simulate rich:validator with many inputs
unnecessary componentId definition removed

context menu sample fixed to work in all templates

tests marked to be fixed in 4.Future refactored

test for @preventDefault attribute (rich:hotKey)
fixed tests for rich:hotKey
fixed samples for rich:hotKey component
merged with trunk

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RF-10197: Add more placeholders for rich:contextMenu

Add more container which should trigger display contextMenu.

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tests for rich:tree refactored

tests for rich:hotKey component (attributes)
RF-10197: tweaks on rich:contextMenu example

Added some default values for type-safe sensitive attributes, added new default values into RichContextMenuBean...

RF-10197: Add rich:contextMenu attributes list

Add attributes list into ftest-source for rich:contextMenu component

RF-10197: add simple example for rich:contextMenu

Add page for rich:contextMenu, with attribute mappings and default values preset.

imports organized

tests for rich:hotKey