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RFPL-982: Add class for element displaying push's timestamp
RFPL-982: Rename client push script and update behavior

Client library handling push events renamed to avoid name collision (push.js is default push library script name).

Behavior change: values from push event now replace previous value instead of add new item in list.

RFPL-982: Rename and update script for push

Rename script to avoid name collision (push.js is named script providing push functionality, so client library using push should be named differently).

Updated script behavior: value from push even replace previous value (removed behavior adding new item in list)

RFPL-982: Remove unnecessary (commented) lines

Remove unnecessary lines from A4jPushBean. A4j:push no longer contains such attributes.

RFPL-982: Change default message from pushBot

Change message to better describe that message is generated periodically by bot, and pushed to client

added developers

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servlet-api dependency removed

unused import removed

RF-11825: add example for fileUpload component within composite component.
RF-11850: add Extended Data Table issue example

Create demonstration example in Metamer for NPE problem on columns resize when 2 EDT placed on one page.

RF-11873: add example demonstrating problem with tooltip

A4j:commnadButton with tooltip, rerendered conditionaly causes whole button disappear when condition to rerender is met.

RF-11814: add example for tab switching problem in tabPanel

This issue describe problem with tab switch when @switchType on tabPanel is set to "ajax"

update resources-config.xml
update to tinymce 3.2.5
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delete the old version of tinymce.
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  1. … 30783 more files in changeset.
create the branch for bugzilla 781508
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merged with trunk

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RichFaces upgraded to 4.1.0.Final-redhat-1

RF-11846: add example to simulate rich:validator with many inputs
unnecessary componentId definition removed

context menu sample fixed to work in all templates

tests marked to be fixed in 4.Future refactored

test for @preventDefault attribute (rich:hotKey)
fixed tests for rich:hotKey
fixed samples for rich:hotKey component
merged with trunk

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RF-10197: Add more placeholders for rich:contextMenu

Add more container which should trigger display contextMenu.

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tests for rich:tree refactored

tests for rich:hotKey component (attributes)