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creating release branch for 3.3.4 release
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Branch for JBPAPP-10813
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BZ#973877 patch for RichFaces 3.3.3.Final, implementing a LookAheadObjectInputStream for object deserialisation
bumping version to 3.3.4.Final
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  1. /tags/3.3.4.Final/cdk/maven-archetype-jsfwebapp
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preparing tag for fix of BZ#973877
RF-7173: Back-ported the fix from RF 3.3.3.Final
Fix for RF-8148
RF-7169: Fixed the browser detection for msie >= 9 broswers running in msie 8 document mode
Submitting fixes for RF-7173, RF-10793, RF-1107 and RF-7169.
Creating a branch for patching RF-7173, RF-10793, RF-1107 and RF-7169.
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Update EAP profile in ftest according to 6.0.1 structure
One-off patch for BZ-890358
Create one-off patch branch for BZ-890358
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One-off patch BZ-851635
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One-off patch BZ-846112
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One-off patch BZ-832503
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RFPL-2256: basic changes to get RF-demo run on AS7.1

Changes described in RFPL-1493

RFPL-2256: create branch for openshift version of RF-demo

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RFPL-2088: exclude StateManager test

StateManager test is supposed to verify application's behavior when running on the top of JSF2. But Richfaces-demo 3.3.1.SP3 (enterprise version 3.x) is not using JSF2 as well)

RFPL-2088: Update cargo plugin to work with JBoss EAP6

Update cargo plugin version, some configuration options accrdingly,

and update configuration for JBoss AS to 6.0.0.Final, as it is last stable


Main change is profile for JBoss EAP6 (based on JBoss AS 7.1.x), since

cargo plugin 1.2.0 support it. Verified that at least with EAP6 it is possible run whole surefire suite.

RFPL-2088: Fix tests version to fit project version
RFPL-2088: Fix test for advanced editor

There is path to image more relative

RFPL-2088: Fix ComboBoxTestCase

Since suggestions are attached at the end within body element locator for element containing suggestions match all available suggestions list - so sum of all found suggestions was 105. Change locator to include just :visible element

RFPL-2088: Fix ColorPickerTestCase

There is "Apply" labeled button with @name=submit instead of "Apply"

RFPL-2088: Fix OrganizerTestCase

There is different structure for cell layout (use table instead of div), change locators accordingly