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richfaces-demo: changes in beans reverted
richfaces-demo: typo in UserBean fixed
RF-13493: Further corrections to the fix to RF-11368, chagning the scroll value used by IE8
Commented out a problematic debug statement introduced with RF-13446
RF-13493: Corrected the fix to RF-11368, taking the window scroll position into account when positioning the menu
Submitting fix for RF-13446
RF-13459: Updated the gmap component to use the v3 maps API. Also update the API key used in the showcase demo
Extended data table fixes from BZ-982322: RF-10793, RF-8148 and RF-7173
Integrating JBPAPP-10776
Integrating richfaces/branches/enterprise/3.3.1.SP3_BZ-890358
Integrating richfaces/branches/enterprise/3.3.1.SP3_BZ-851635
Integrating richfaces/branches/enterprise/3.3.1.SP3_BZ-846112
Integrating richfaces/branches/enterprise/3.3.1.SP3_RFPL-1737
Integrating richfaces/branches/enterprise/3.3.1.SP3_RFPL-1631
Creating SP4 branch from 3.3.1.SP3 tag
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Renaming to match BZ-982322
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create branch for support patch BZ995630.
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Applying security patch CVE-2013-2165 (JBPAPP-10776)
RF-1107: Fixed tabbing in scrollableDataTable header cells
Committed the reproducers for rf7169 and rf1107
BZ#982322: Moved the setScrollPos into the grid updateLayout method (RF-7169)
fixing POMs so that they pass jboss staging rules
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added missing distributionManagement section
tagging 3.3.4.Final
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fixing POMs so that they pass jboss staging rules
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added missing distributionManagement section
deleting 3.3.4.Final tag for, working in community/release-3.3.4 branch instead
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BZ#973877 patch for RichFaces 3.3.3.Final, removing use of JDK 6 features
preparing for release: switching version to 3.3.4.Final
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creating release branch for 3.3.4 release
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