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RFPL-1435: incremented JDK requirement from 1.6 to 6
RFPL-1580: added documentation for rich:notifyStack
RFPL-1580: added documentation for rich:notifyMessage/-s
RFPL-1580: rich:notify documentation
RFPL-1574: initial rich:editor documentation
RFPL-1702: Document Resource loading strategies - initial commit
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bumping version to 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT
RFPL-1671: Document FileUpload's new attributes - @maxFilesQuantity and @ontyperejected
RFPL-1786: Upgrade docs-parent to richfaces-parent:11
added .gitignore
RF-11374: Replaced rich:toolTip with rich:tooltip
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-scm] copy for tag
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release
Removing draft status and marking as Edition 1: RFPL-1261
Added placeholder descriptions for missing listener tags: RFPL-1419
Clarified Maven plug-in installation: RFPL-1415
Added placeholder sections for missing tags: RFPL-1419
Fixing build errors
Revised Maven integration section: RFPL-1415
Fixed treeModelAdaptor description for roots and nodes: RFPL-1418
Finished updating reference tables: RFPL-1414
Added information on autocomplete tokens: RFPL-1228
Changed details for importing Maven projects: RFPL-1416
Removed info on nested tree adaptors: RFPL-1353
Updated reference data lists: RFPL:1414
Documented messages layout support: RFPL-1136
Added links to generated docs: RFPL-1411
Added further clarification for hashParam: RFPL-1380
Completed revision for engineering review: RFPL-1380