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RFPL-1727: renamed attribute clientFilter to clientFilterFunction
RFPL-1610: small improvements of a4j:push documentation
RFPL-1685, RFPL-1610: finishing a4j:push documentation changes for 4.1
RFPL-1580: finished rich:notify documentation
RFPL-1702: finished documentation for resource mapping and resource loading strategies
RFPL-1574: finished rich:editor documentation
changed file extension of the tree basic usage example
RF-11654: Notify: unify notification skinning based on severity with rich:message
RFPL-1685, RFPL-1610: Initial documentation changes for Push in 4.1 and initial docs for Push CDI
RFPL-1794: Updated the "Technical Requirements" in the Developer Guide
RFPL-1575: Documented the pickList
RFPL-1576: Documented the orderingList - added new files
RFPL-1576: Documented the orderingList
RFPL-1477: Some small fixes to the rich:tooltip examples
RFPL-1498: Replaced use of the a4j:form with h:form
RFPL-1495: removed the form element from another popup example
RFPL-1490: Fixed the org.richfaces.fileUpload.maxRequestSize context-param in the docs
RFPL-1732: Fixed the appearance docs for the collapsible panel
RFPL-1495: Removed the form element from the popupPanel example
RFPL-1495: Updated the popupPanel documentation, with details of embedding a form, or attaching to an exsiting form's DOM element
RFPL-1433: Added a TreeNodeImpl extension to the basic tree example
RFPL-1443: Replaced rich:datascroller use with rich:dataScroller
RFPL-1496: Replaced rich:toolTip use with rich:tooltip in the examples
RFPL-1496: Replaced rich:toolTip use with rich:tooltip
RFPL-1497: Removed selectionType=server from tree section of docs
RFPL-1731: Replaced use of breakBefore with breakRowBefore
Removed the *.iml ignore pattern added in the last commit
RFPL-1435: incremented JDK requirement from 1.6 to 6
RFPL-1580: added documentation for rich:notifyStack
RFPL-1580: added documentation for rich:notifyMessage/-s