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renamed TestAutocomplete to TestAutocompleteByKeys + extended by 1 test cases to test confirmation of autocompletion selection (RFPL-669)
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rich:dataGrid - added testNoDataFaces (needs to move checkbox near the component since it references grid's id in @render) (RFPL-672, RFPL-744)
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rich:autocompletion initial tests (selectFirst + autofill support)
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* keyword "Revision" added to the properties of all Java files

* tests fixed to work with new version of boolean attributes

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change locators in accordance to change in classes of DataScroller
extended ReferencedLocator by ability to reference another ReferencedLocator (or any other ExtendedLocator deriving other type than own type)
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added test case for testing DataScroller using ComponentControl
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derived general PaginationTester for use in new dataGrid's TestPagination; derived AbstractDataGridTest to use across dataGrid tests
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Richfaces 4.0 restructurization of svn repository structure

rename root to modules

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