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test for rich:autocomplete fixed

tests for a4j:status fixed

test for rich:columnGroup fixed

tests for rich:column fixed

RFPL-1231: Add tests for @layout in autocomplete
2 tests for rich:tab moved to 4.2

RFPL-1738: tests for some attributes (rich:dataScroller)
  1. … 1 more file in changeset.
16 tests for picklist fixed

8 tests for ordering list fixed

test for ordering list fixed

test moved to 4.Future

tests for notify fixed

tests fixed

test for nodata facet fixed

RFPL-1638: update @ondirty attribute test on editor
EFPL-1638: cover @ondirty by selenium tests
RFPL-1720: add default skin options + tests for rich:editor

In editor are some available skins (such as kama, richfaces, office2003). Add them into Metamer as attribute value options, plus add ftests for them

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
RFPL-1233: add tests for filtering into autocomplete
RFPL-1233: add tests for filtering into autocomplete
RFPL-1233: remove filterFunction attribute from AutocompleteAttributes
RFPL-1233: update access permissions
RFPL-1545: add test for autocomplete with @fetchValue
rfpl-1545: add input cleaning before all new test method

There were seen some values entered in previous test and inpacting init state for next tests. May be it was caused some changes in autocomplete tests or by behavior change in selenium, not sure, but seems to me to be important to fix it at least this way.

tests for filtering in rich:dataTable and rich:extendedDataTable fixed

test moved to 4.Future

richPanel and richTogglePanel templates removed from the list of templates

issue tracking info added to tests and moved to 4.Future

two tests moved to 4.Future

tests for rich:validator fixed

tests for slider with f:ajax refactored