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unused import removed

tests marked to be fixed in 4.Future refactored

  1. … 2 more files in changeset.
test for @preventDefault attribute (rich:hotKey)
fixed tests for rich:hotKey
tests for rich:tree refactored

tests for rich:hotKey component (attributes)
imports organized

tests for rich:hotKey

  1. ./java/org/richfaces/tests/metamer/ftest/richHotKey
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failing tests put to group 4.2

tests for rich:menuGroup and rich:calendar fixed

tests for rich:toolbar's attributes height and widht rewritten because of RF-11830

RFPL-929: Add test using suggestion selection by mouse
RFPL-1924: fixed tests for lang attribute
RFPL-1572: quick fix for broken ftest-source

Fix yesterday wrong commit. Didn't wanted commit changes in ftest-source, but accidentally commited 2 files remove, which made project unable build.

RFPL-1572: add message pushed without user action
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RF-11747: test for calling jsFunction through @onbeforetoggle attribute

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test for rich:inplaceSelect stabilized

tests moved to 4.Future

tests for EDT moved to 4.Future

2 tests moved to 4.Future

tests for scroller in list refactored

3 tests for rich:dataScroller fixed

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delay for a4j:queue increased

test for rich:tabPanel moved to 4.Future

tests for panel menu group moved to 4.Future

RFPL-1871: tests for style and styleClass attribute (rich:toolbar)
autocomplete test excluded to 4.Future group

tests for slider fixed

templates hDataTable and uiRepeat excluded for client functions test

1 test for rich:tree refactored