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metamer application sources moved to module (folder) application
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* refactoring of class Attributes
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* listener changed so that JSF lifecycle phases can be tracked on the page

* added attribute bypassUpdates to a4j:commandButton and a4j:commandLink's page

* page for selectManyCheckbox fixed

* header modified to display JSF lifecycle phases

* class TemplatesList reimplemented in order to make it much simpler

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* added new components: rich:dataTable (several scenarios), a4j:param, a4j:outputPanel

* added two models usable in iteration components - employees, capitals

* a4j:ajax pages for selectMany* components modified

* template cleaned up

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* created a new profile in pom.xml (glassfish3)

* added slf4j-log4j12 dependency + configuration file

* logging level changed in some classes

* unnecessary code removed from TemplateList

* added pages for a4j:ajax used inside various standard JSF components

* added a4j:actionListener

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