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metamer application sources moved to module (folder) application
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refactored package names, artifactIds, etc. to follow new project id: org.richfaces.tests:metamer; exposed ${richfaces.version} property; completed project informations such as scm, distribution management, issue management, etc.
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* navigation refactored

* added images to page header

* added JS function for hiding unnecessary parts of the page

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* created a new profile in pom.xml (glassfish3)

* added slf4j-log4j12 dependency + configuration file

* logging level changed in some classes

* unnecessary code removed from TemplateList

* added pages for a4j:ajax used inside various standard JSF components

* added a4j:actionListener

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* pom.xml refactored to use RichFaces' module examples as parent and to use it's profiles to build binaries

* TemplateBean - removed unnecessary attributes and methods

* HtmlCommandLink and HtmlCommandButton changed to UICommandLink and UICommandButton

* templating refactored

* added two new templates - rich data table (line 1 and 2)

* added css style to main page

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* project's structure changed

* attributes of any JSF component are being obtained automatically

* prepared test cases removed temporarily

* simpler xhtml pages

* fixed tomcat6 assembly descriptor

* phase listener refactored to use logger

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JBQA-3172 * first version of a test application for RichFaces 4
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