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added forgotten headers and javadoc for DataGrid
added DataGrid test case; fixed passing default value of templates property from maven to MatrixConfigurator; derived static metod for loading List<Capital> in bean/Model
added MatrixConfigurator (and modified ConsoleStatusTestListener) to listener list in ftest/pom.xml
proper generation of metamer classes to separate jar; dependency on this jar for ftest-source
* added component rich:componentControl

derived new AbstractModel for component part models encapsulation such as DataTable, DataScroller
support for replacing data provider (configuration on method/class basis)
added support for Templates configured by MatrixConfigurator
moved DataTable, DataScroller and AssertingDataScroller to separata package ftest.model
support for not parametrized test classes
listener configuring underlying test instance parameters using @Inject and @Use (replacing of @Factory method approach)
* fixed stylesheet reference

* added license header to xhtml files

* list pages refactored to use a template and composite component for links

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* added a4j:region (two pages)

* css style of lines in header and attributes dynamically changing according to selected skin

* index page refactored

* added ui:debug to application

* added component rich:jQuery

* added dependency on ui-misc to pom.xml

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* refactored because of changes in class SortOrder

added SeleniumLogging- and FailureLogging-TestListeners to suite configuration
added background: white to body style (requires to take entire page screenshots)
extended richDataScroller/TestPagination for another fastStep/maxPages values
allow access the private/protected fields by parameter injection
allow parametrization to create test cases from non-parametric constructors
all @Factory from TestPagination prototype was moved to AbstractMetamerTest
externalized NamedType
implemented parametrization of test properties using @Factory, @Use and @Inject annotations
* added a page for RichFaces client functions (clientId, element, component, findComponent, isUserInRole)

introduced AssertingDataScroller - used in richExtendedDataTable/TestScroller and in new case richDataScroller/TestPagination
following changes in library - Cheiron: possibility to parametrize the Locators