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RF-13687: TabPanel page fragment updated

- tabPanel headers changed DOM, page fragments need to be updated

RF-13687: Rewrote the client-side tab selection to require only a single rendering of the tab headers. This required explicitly triggering the tab@header meta component be rendered when the active tab is changed.

RF-13673: Backported the css file changes required to support the plain skin

  1. … 15 more files in changeset.
RF-13585: Fixed the reported component-demo bugs

RF-13585: Fixed the alignement of the components-demo module in the RichFaces parent module list

RF-13585: Removed the dependency management from the components-demo

RF-13585: Corrected the errors introduced with the overly agressive s/r:/rich:/ replace

  1. … 26 more files in changeset.
RF-13675: Added some descriptive text to the showcase samples

RF-13701: Replaced the xaxis.ticks lookup to use the dataIndex instead of the seriesIndex

RF-13713 created smoke tests for charts

RF-13699: Implemented the zoom function

RF-13698: Fixed the chart.js to look-up the chart-container parent when determining the clientId

RF-13699: Fixed the selection option mapping

RF-13583: Removed the unused jquery ui files

RF-13698: Fixed the chart template to invoke the chart script on the chart sub-div, rather than on the chart-container itself

RF-13453: Changed access level for inner classes/enums of class 'org.richfaces.renderkit.ExtendedDataTableRenderer

RF-13709: Removed the charts components from the mobile showcase

RF-13651 modified ValidationBaseTest to correctly pass in chrome/ff

JUnit added to components demo dependencies

Marked ITFileUploadTest as Failing since it fails on multiple browsers due to Arq bug

RF-13697: fix maxFileQuantity check

RF-13653: update component namespace in examples

- last file updated

RF-13693: examples/components-demo bom fixed, added to parent modules section

RF-13571: upgraded Graphene to 2.0.3.Final

charts JS public API

RF-13583: Charts JS public API stub

RF-13237: Corrected the namespace of the log component in the showcase template

RF-13685: Checked if the facesContext is already released in the EPVC release method

RF-13679: Corrected the mis-named attribtute in the StyleClassProps interface

RF-13660: Adjusted the JsfVersionInspector to allow for -SNAPSHOT version strings