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changing to next development version 4.5.18-SNAPSHOT

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changing version to 4.5.17.Final

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RF-14279: update JSDoc

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remove variable from global namespace

RF-14300: update attribute description

RF-14300: update attribute description

RF-14301: remove outdated test

RF-14299: fix rounding errors in zooming

RF-14299: round panel dimensions

RF-14301: invoke ajax events on correct target

RF-14299: fix popupPanel resizing

RF-10966: add ajax event handlers to select

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RF-14298: fix ajax rowclick in datatables

RF-10966: add status attribute to autocomplete

RF-13537: fix onbegin in autocomplete

RF-12242: fix dropDownMenu show event handling

trailing spaces in properties files removed

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RF-13437: enable sticky contextMenu

RF-14277: fix row deselection

RF-4491: prevent removal of disabled items

RF-6678: prevent selection of disabled items

RF-10782: make input width 100%

RF-14277: fix behavior for selection modes

RF-4491: implement disabled items for pickList

RF-14277: fix function call

RF-14277: fix JS row selection in extendedDataTable

RF-6678: implement disabled options for select

RF-14275: fix dataScroller page aliases

RF-12778: implement select expand/collapse methods for panelMenu

rich components checkstyle violations fixed

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