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RF-14275: fix dataScroller page aliases

RF-12778: implement select expand/collapse methods for panelMenu

RF-11063: fix vertical-align

RF-12609: fix helper elements visibility, remove clip()

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    • +13
    • -17
    • +13
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RF-14261: hide focus helpers in orderingList

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RF-14259: fix invalid input handling

RF-14258: fix input clearing

RF-14258: clear input after processing files

RF-14256: fire onremoveitems when inserting ordered items

RF-14254: fix option filtering for bad input

RF-14253: upgrade jQuery (1.12.3) and CKEditor (4.5.8)

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    • +16
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    • +14
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RF-14248: fix background color in gradients

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RF-10969: add back default width

RF-10969: fix progressBar width

RF-11120: add background-color to EDT headers

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RF-11171: preserve scroll position through ajax request

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RF-11120: do not repeat background image in headers

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RF-11079: fix autocomplete list width

RF-11932: ensure default value, fix missing brakcet

RF-12977: fix ajax mode for delayed requests

RF-11932: refactor selection

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    • +8
RF-11932: fix single selection

RF-11628: make inputSpinner increase/decrease based on input

RF-12061: hide focus helpers in pickList

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RF-11932: allow unselecting in single selection mode

RF-14239: fix attribute handling, unselect on hide

RF-12979: unbind event listeners on destroy

RF-12979: move CSS and JS handlers from parent

RF-14225: fix setValue processing

RF-14239: enhance parent menu discovery