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Moving Input module sources to API/UI modules

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fix conflicts in Javascript sources

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RF-13936, RF-13147: use jQuery in non-conflicting way and rename all closures using RichFaces to rf

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RF-13930: RF5 renamed RichFaces.$ to RichFaces.component

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RF-12224: rejectedFileNames array emptiness check fix

RF-12224: multiple file upload - cleanup of sources

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RF-12224: support hiding button on reaching maxFilesQuantity

RF-12224: FileUpload - initial support for multiple file selection

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RF-12345 - JS error when pressing ESC on an open inplaceSelect in IE

RF-12853 - rich:inplaceSelect: JS API bugs

RF-12929 - PickList change event not firing correctly when ordering objects in target area

RF-12931: FileUpload fixed for jsf.js impl changes in Mojarra 2.1.21

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RF-11691 - rich:select value disappears if you click between list and value

RF-12858, RF-12506: Calendar - fix beforecurrentdateselect event

RF-12812 - Autocomplete does not hide popup on tabbing to the next field

RF-12843: normaline line endings to unix

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RF-12769: fix for Select with manual input - used first option regardless of what is picked

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RFPL-2593: Removed the unused .rf-ii-strut css definition

RF-12724: removed duplicated rich:inplaceInput's .rf-ii-none ECSS definition

RF-12707: Added an overide applySelection parameter to the internal __selectDate method

RF-11565: Autocomplete - mouse multi-selection screwed up input value

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RF-12445: Autocomplete - added space char to defined tokens

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RF-12606: Calendar - changed top level element from span to div (re-styled to inline)

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RF-12588: support blur events with Calendar date selection (placeholder integration)

RF-12605: Autocomplete: hide suggestion list in destroy method

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RF-12616, RF-12605: correct autocomplete fix for decoding behaviors, leveraged event re-targeting + tests

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RF-12360: Moved the onchange event fire to the encodeCsvValues method, rather than the onBlur event handler

RF-12387 rich:inputNumberSlider minValue and maxValue being ignored after second reques

RF-12517: base for CSV support for Select label validation

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