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Moving Iteration module sources to API/UI modules

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fix conflicts in Javascript sources

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RF-13936, RF-13147: use jQuery in non-conflicting way and rename all closures using RichFaces to rf

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RF-13930: RF5 renamed RichFaces.$ to RichFaces.component

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RF-12193: Recursively displayed the EDT and it's parents (if hidden) during component initialize

RF-12843: normaline line endings to unix

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RF-12758: EDT - fixed horizontal scrolling for more than one table on the page

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RF-12193: Made the entire column header listen for the click event when builtin sorting is enabled

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RF-12662: Added a FacesMessage when the filter expression evaluation fails

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RF-12691: Updated the stored DOM references on ajaxComplete, and used those updated DOM references to update the table layout

RF-8125: Initial implementation of built-in sorting and filtering

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RF-12639: Disabled the resize listener during the intialize and updateLayout methods

RF-12311: editor.ecss stylesheet can't be programatically accessed using getCSSRule from extendedDataTable.js

RF-12236: Fixing breaking scroll while resizing.

RF-12236: Fixing breaking scroll while resizing.

RF-12167: Removed the extra "=" from the comparison to false

RF-11948: EDT: fixed issue when no onready attribute provided

RF-11948: Exposed the ready event as a facelet attribute

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RF-11884, RF-10754: EDT horizontal scrolling feature rewritten

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RF-11996: Prevented the contextMenu click from triggering an EDT row selection if the row was already selected

RF-11936: Added a selector filtering which DOM elements trigger the contextMenu

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RF-11948: Fired a rich:ready event when the extendedDataTable has finished initializing

RF-11850: initialized the new widths property of the EDT js initializer

RF-11850: dos2unix on extendedDataTable.js

RF-11759: Replaced the EDT cellpadding/cellspacing attribute with appropriate CSS styling

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RF-11339: selection hangs in extendedDataTable when there are more than one table in the view

Signed-off-by: Morten Ludvigsen <>

reformatted to follow JBoss Community conventions (RF-11019, RF-11020)

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reformatted resource files (RF-11020)

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RF-10785 merge from 4.0.X --> /trunk

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RF-10679 Reviewer: Nick Belaevski

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