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RF-13030: remove richfaces.jar management from richfaces-bom

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RF-13019: refresh placeholders after form reset

refresh placeholders after form reset

RF-12741: fixed VDL doc for rich:element/rich:jQuery functions

RF-13028: fixing package for SelectLabelValueValidator in csv.xml

RF-12345 - JS error when pressing ESC on an open inplaceSelect in IE

RF-12345 - JS error when pressing ESC on an open inplaceSelect in IE

changed Continous Integration links in README to Travis

fixed NPE in resource generation

RF-13004: exclude resources libraries known to be excluded (optimizer, ckeditor)

RF-13004: fixed ITResourceOptimization so that no javascript errors happen

updating version of Showcase in

RF-12990: Showcase: progressBar ajax sample - missing increment call

Merge pull request #27 from richfaces/photoalbum/polish


RF-13012 fixed relative patch to richfaces-parent in push-depchain

tests refactore in order not to use deprecated code

fix Facebook interaction (user info, albums)

RF-13004: resource optimizer: recursively scan for resources

remove test callback

remove old commented code, format

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implement error handler for Javascript

RF-13008: Regexp fixes to resource libraries

  1. … 43 more files in changeset.
RF-13008: Manual fixes to resource libraries

RF-12972: Re-ordered resource statements placing the library before the name

fix CSS for r:notify messages

prevent duplicate imports

change import progressbar

limit execution

comment, update link

update links