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RF-12462: tied all examples to full build

RF-12462: moved CI setup to /parent

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framework dependency version management moved from parent to /build module

refactored validation tests to fun tests + fix whole framework build

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moving validation tests to fundamental tests source

RF-12753: fixed tests after regenerating components and renderers to own packages

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RF-12753: removed all @JsfComponent(generate) attributes to allow default to conventions

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RF-12753: configure renderer templates to generate Java files in same directories as renderer base

RF-12466: fixing tests after Java package renaming

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RF-12753: basis for convention-by-configuration driven NamingConventions

Class change in a test, and cleaned up imports

Removed the "overlays" folder

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RF-12461: Re-factored the dev-examples

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RF-12786: Readme.txt rewritten to markdown syntax

* The content was not changed, just rewritten to markdown

* readme.txt removed, added

RF-12786: Showcase: readme.txt rewritten to (markdown syntax)

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example CI setup for examples (Photoalbum)

Moved the renderkit/util classes to util/renderkit

Renamed the component sub-package to ui for the integration tests

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Fixed the broken RendererGetComponentScriptTest

Package consolidation and cleanup

moved Arquillian extensions to richfaces-build-resources

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removed /build module and delegated its purpose to richfaces-parent

moved CI setup from /framework to /build

using placeholder directory

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moved unpack settings for arquillian setup to integration-tests profile

moved arquillian.xml to richfaces-build-resources

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added JRebel's directory "bin" to .gitignore

RF-12837: popup panel for login updated

add JSON converter

add Facebook login and image sharing

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