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added push specific web.xml to allow use async servlet

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RF-13402: Changed the ordering list bridge to invoke on the top-level ordering list element

RF-13401: Added a css reference to the bootstrap css file on the mobile template

RF-13394: remove ClientBehavior - duplicate of core class

RF-12224: File Upload - correct a behavior of getAccepteFileTypes when empty string is provided

RF-12224: File Upload - correct a behavior of getAccepteFileTypes when empty string is provided

Richwidget update to get the improved pick and orderingList public API

RF-13399: fix the error in Resource Optimizization executed with Maven 3.1.1

RF-13395: inputNumberSlider - correct a resource library for jquery.position.js

Updated RichWidgets with a fix for Autocomplete enable/disable methods - RF-13398 adding instructions for Developing the project in IDE note location of RichFaces Showcase instructions how to explore sources + note a need for JBoss Maven setup

RF-13393: Sotred the widget reference in the toplevel component element

page-fragments: popup menues: added attribute hideDelay

added comments

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RF-12224: ported multiple file support for r:fileUpload to RF5

RF-12224: fixed a multiple fileupload support that was accidentally breaked

- breaked in f936e60797c037643937f1eedbd2a60c0db242b9

page-fragments: pickList: method for multiple selecting fixed, redundant fields removed

page-fragments: fileUpload: improving fragment

method confirm in autocomplete page fragment improved

page fragment for autocomplete refactored in order to prevent NoSuchElementException

page-fragments: inplaceComponents: fixing confirming/canceling by controls, inplaceSelect: added waitings to advanced api, some findBys changed

page-fragments: utils+calendar: made invokeRichFacesJSAPIFunction method parametrical, fixed and cleaned CalendarJavaScriptStrategy methods

page-fragments: select: fixing method getSuggestionsElements in advanced api

RF-13381: Prevented richfaces dom cleaning of jQuery UI widget factory widgets

RF-13370: merged chart server-side improvements

Indentation fix

RF-13383: corrected path to select.js resource in csv.xml

method invokeRichFacesJSAPIFunction in page fragments utils refactored in order to prevent ClassCastException