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cleanup of UI poms - added buildhelper to setup source folders using m2e

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cover initial execution of maven-cdk-plugin by plugin execution

RF-12370 - marked pushSessionMaxInactiveInterval as @Experimental

RF-12371: removed duplicated version management of maven-core

RF-12114: Fired secondary focus and blur events with the id of the autocompletecomponent

RF-12114: Backporting the patch to the 4.2.3 release.

RF-11974: added myfaces-impl also to jsf_jboss profile

RF-11618: JSF RI and MyFaces has inconsistent messages (differs in example values provided in messages) -> unified examples with removing Example suffix

RF-11618: xmlunit tests ignores differences in IDs/names (but checks they are consistent) + ignores difference when no value attribute is provided and when it is provided but empty

changed dependency scopes across JSF profiles

added name to richfaces-arquillian

RF-12371: Upgrade Maven dependency to 3.0.4

RF-12371: Upgrade Maven dependency to 3.0.4

RF-12370: Push: Add configuration option for max session's inactive interval

moved integration tests to separate profile

added waiting feature + modifications in Deployment + moved faces-template.xhtml to resource

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PushResource: added meaningful message to the case where no topic was provided in request parameter

RF-12176: upgraded to Atmosphere 1.0.0.beta4

RF-12176: upgraded to Atmosphere 1.0.0.beta4

upgraded to Arquillian Core 1.0.1.Final

Warp test for Push

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generalized CoreDeployment to provide limited core-impl as micro-deployment and initialize custom subset of services

RF-11974: Merge branch 'feature/RF-11974' into develop

removed faces-config/web.xml customization from Deployment base

RF-11974: added myfaces-impl to jsf_ri profile to be able compile MyFaces-specific implementation in Core

provided MyFaces specific ExternalResourceTracker

Refactored external resource location logic out of ResourceFactoryImpl -> moved to new services

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Fix for RF-12364, readme.txt supplemented by JBoss AS 7.0.x and JBoss 7.1.x specifics needed to successfully deploy showcase on them

added base for all test deployments

defined CoreDeployment as base deployment for core-impl + added test_resource_aggregation test